September Anniversaries 

Happy Anniversary to our wonderful September CASAs! Thank you for being strong child advocates and serving children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

August Anniversaries 

We have 15 extra reasons to celebrate this month! Happy Anniversary to our August CASAs. Thank you for all of the hard work you do on behalf of abused and neglected children!

June Anniversaries 

We have 24 volunteers celebrating their anniversary this month! Thank you for consistently advocating for your CASA kiddos – no matter the circumstances. Happy Anniversary June CASAs!

April Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary month to our April CASAs! Thank you for giving children in Tulsa County a voice and making sure their best interest is heard.

As our staff works from home, our volunteers do as well! They are on FaceTime calls with their CASA kiddos, checking in with service providers, and making sure the families have everything they need during this time of uncertainty. We’re feeling extra thankful for them this month!

March Anniversaries 

Happy Anniversary month, March CASAs! Thank you for Changing a Child’s Story and making a commitment to children in Tulsa County. We appreciate you all so much!

January Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary to our January advocates! Thank you for being a constant in the lives of your CASA kiddos and ensuring their voice is heard. #TulsaCASA

November Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary! Thank you all for your years of service to Tulsa CASA. All 15 of you are vital to keeping children safe in Tulsa County and we’re lucky to have you! #ChangeAChildsStory

October Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary month to 8 fantastic child advocates. We couldn’t do this without you! #ChangeAChildsStory #TulsaCASA