Volunteer Spotlight – Sharon Clark

Meet Sharon!

Sharon Clark in one of our newer advocates, who has made a big impact on the family she serves and amongst our staff! Sharon was born in the Caribbean and has lived in Tulsa County for 1 year. Upon moving to Tulsa, Sharon saw CASA billboards, heard our ads on the radio, and was compelled to get involved with CASA as it was a good fit for her. Sharon attended a Lunch and Learn in September 2019 and completed her training in October with the hopes to make a difference in the outcome of a case.

Most of Sharon’s family still lives on the East Coast but her son, daughter-in-law and one grandson are local in Oklahoma, as well as some of her sons’ in-law’s. Sharon has 2 other sons and 7 grandchildren back east. She also has her Woodlake Church family here in Tulsa, and a granddog named Moose. Through her time living on the East Coast and since moving to Tulsa, Sharon has been involved in a variety of community work such as Reading Partners, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Advocacy, First Connection Program, Patient & Community Outreach, cancer support groups, singles groups, and she leads a small group of high school girls at Woodlake Church.

Sharon has been medically disabled from Multiple Myeloma (Blood Cancer) since 2015. Prior to her diagnosis, she worked as a Licensed Insurance Agent and holds a BS in Behavioral Science and an MS in Administration of Justice from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware. While attending treatments for Multiple Myeloma and volunteering with her church and other organizations, you can see why Sharon is such a special volunteer to us – she never misses a beat with her CASA case. When her name was nominated for the Volunteer Spotlight for this month, it was a unanimous decision from our staff! When she has extra spare time, Sharon loves traveling, reading, writing, cooking, listening to music, watching movies, and advocating for better benefits for cancer patients.

What do you enjoy most about being a CASA?

I enjoy the camaraderie among the Safe Babies Court Team to allow for the best outcome. I feel privileged to know that the Judge values the input from CASA and the difference we can make in the outcome of a case. CASA offers the opportunity to have extended objective scrutiny and oversight of all involved in the case to be able to reach the best outcome for the child. There is more opportunity to observe and objectively see and interview all parties and aspects of the case more frequently than the DHS worker is able, further providing documentation for the judge to make a unified decision.

My current responsibilities in a day for CASA usually begins with checking in with my Advocate Manager, communicating with DHS to get their updates, contacting the natural parents to offer any support or address their treatment plan, and calling or video chatting with the foster parents and child. My favorite moments are when I see or video chat with the kiddo on my case and how happy she is. I love watching all the milestones she reaches and when she hears my voice or sees my face, she smiles and tries to grab the phone!

It is very rewarding to know that any contribution to our community as a volunteer will only better our lives and the community we serve and live in. Find whatever you are passionate about and get involved in something that will make a difference in other’s lives, the community, and your own life. Just Do It! Make a difference!

A Note from her Advocate Manager

Sharon has been on her case since December 2019. She has truly shown what it means to be a CASA in that time. Any hurdle she comes across, both personally and in the case, she remains diligent and ensures her kiddo is taken care of!

She has worked persistently to build a relationship with the natural parents and continues to support them even when things are difficult. Her efforts are always in the best interest of her kiddo. She remains unbiased and will admit when she is having a hard time with the case. I am so grateful to have Sharon as a CASA advocate! – Kelsey Dildy