Volunteer Spotlight – Jodi Pass

Meet Jodi!

Jodi Pass has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate with Tulsa CASA for almost one year. Previously a CASA volunteer in Texas 20 years ago, Jodi kept seeing the CASA logo in the window of our office after moving to Tulsa and thought about how rewarding it would be to become a CASA again. She was already looking for an organization to volunteer with that supported children in the community, and we believe it was meant to be!

Originally from Chicago, Jodi still has close family there. Her family is a bit spread out, with siblings and nieces living in San Antonio, Denver, Wichita, and Bartlesville. Jodi loves to be outdoors and she enjoys activities like hiking, biking, running, kayaking, and boating in her spare time.

A little known fact about Jodi is that she volunteered in the Peace Corps and served in Ethiopia! She also volunteers at the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, gives blood/platelets several times a year, and is involved in Moms Demand Action, an organization that works to help prevent gun violence.

Professionally, Jodi works for an education non-profit called City Year. She manages a team of AmeriCorps members who are tutors, mentors, and role models to support TPS students in their course performance, attendance, and Social Emotional Development.

What do you enjoy most about being a CASA?

The first time my CASA child hugged me, it made me feel like she finally knew (and truly believed) that I was really there for her. The most fulfilling aspect of the work is helping to ensure that my CASA child’s needs are being met and knowing that she has another important adult in her corner that cares about her well-being.

I take my role very seriously and it’s important to me that everyone on the case does everything we can to support her. Visiting with my CASA child is my top priority. My visits with her have been limited since COVID-19 precautions took effect and those are my favorite part of being a CASA, so we are looking forward to starting porch visits soon!

There are so many hardworking and dedicated people and families in Tulsa, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of families that are struggling. CASA helps advocate for children that are thrust into the foster care system, and CASA volunteers ensure that their physical, emotional, and academic needs are being met.

A Note from her Advocate Manager

Jodi is such a joy to work with! She puts so much so much thought, time and effort into the child she serves, it is unreal. Despite only being a CASA since October 2019, she is a great example of how to be a compassionate advocate.

Her case is not simple and involves many variables, but she continues to be there for her kiddo despite the many barriers. She always keeps me updated, and I am so grateful she is serving the children in our community! – Chloe Baldwin