Volunteer Spotlight – Michele Cordova

Meet Michele!

Michele Cordova is a dedicated CASA advocate who was searching for a meaningful volunteer experience after her daughter departed for college at OU in 2016.

Having participated in task-based volunteer activities for much of her life, Michele was looking for something that would keep her accountable and allow her to make a difference, and felt like CASA could provide that opportunity to her. We are so thankful that she chose to become a CASA volunteer!

As a Human Resource professional leading global payroll transformation efforts, Michele travels often and loves to learn about a culture through the local food and drink.

Aside from traveling domestically and abroad for work and being a CASA volunteer on three different cases, Michele likes to relax at home or cook in her free time. In addition, being a Sooner Mom has recently become one of her favorite hobbies!

Michele’s daughter and a few of her close friends describe her as “intentional, passionate, and loyal”. Michele lets these characteristics shine on her CASA cases by connecting personally with the child, such as asking how a concert or school assignment went since their last visit, and then casually asking about the “tough topics” to identify and address ALL of their potential needs.

We appreciate your advocacy, Michele, and we would describe your work with CASA kiddos as being very intentional, passionate, and loyal, as well!

“Tulsa is such a philanthropic community with opportunities to serve. But, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your WHY and WHAT. CASA fills a needed gap to provide realistic input, not a checklist or mandated perspective, to the court process. The connection with the children and families—both natural and foster—can be pivotal in helping smooth the process.” – Michele Cordova

A Note from her Advocate Manager

Michele is truly an outstanding advocate. It did not take her long to learn the ropes of being a CASA and she has made an impact for our program in so many ways.

Her ability to remain objective in all scenarios is remarkable and she never ceases to fight for the best interest of the children. Michele is able to create and maintain special relationships not only with the children but the entire family.

Her determination to fight for our most vulnerable children has made her an asset to our program. – Kaitlin Brasher