The Need for Male CASA’s

CASA volunteers (Court Appointed Special Advocate) have proven to be so important in the lives of my children over the last six years. Sometimes they are the longest lasting mentor that these children have while in foster care. They love, they care, they help, they mentor & they speak up for what is in the best interest of each child during such a confusing & scary time. But often, they stay in that child’s life long after their “job” is over because they become part of their ‘family’ or support system.
Our sweet baby boy got a new CASA advocate last week. Out of so many CASA’s, this is the first time EVER over the last six years to have a male CASA!
It got me thinking about percentages, so I reached out to find that about 80% of CASA’s are women & only 20% are men. Understandably so, but wouldn’t it be cool to have more men who could be strong mentors & role models to fill the gap for boys in foster care? I am so thankful that this man chose to fill the gap for this child & be a strong, positive male influence in his life!
Men! If you have the time, the energy & the passion for kids in foster care—I ask that you look into becoming a child advocate. Look into changing children’s lives & growing that 20%. Become the voice for children who don’t often feel like they have one.

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